Life is a story…

I, Dimple, (Yup, that’s my name! 😉 ), intend on making mine a legend. I want to work hard to make it as best a life I could get, I want to have fun to create an interesting tale, and I want to live life as I have only dreamt until now.

Goals without a plan are mere wishes and I don’t plan on living my life thinking about how one day I am going to fulfill my wishes. That one day could be today, I just have to take a step. This blog is an initiative to help me do things I have always wanted to. 😀

Why I planned to blog about it?

Simple, I have a book blog, namely enthrallingdimple, and it has given a new meaning to my passion of reading. I want the same to happen with my life. Recording or keeping a journal of your journey is a good reminder of how far you have come and how far you need to go. 😀  If you make friends on the journey then there’s nothing more you can ask for. 😉  That’s where this blog comes in. ❤

I hope to achieve what all I have wished for and for this blog to motivate me. To connect to the people who stand by me through this journey, the people who tag along, is what I have my fingers crossed for. ❤

Have a good day! ❤  


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